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Bike comfortably on the freeway--Ingrid had buy youtube views opted for the train to convey her to Emily Taylor's parents' home sixty miles south of the capital. The train journey had given her time to think about what Nick Angelis had told her. Too much time. buy youtube views If Angelis was right, and working with US and British intelligence services was part of Dennis Mulroony's remit , why wasn't it part of her job too? In fact, it was so far outside her remit, Ingrid was beginning to wonder what she had done wrong. Did it mean she wasn't trusted? Were her days at the emby numbered? All those thoughts and many more had been swirling around her brain for the last hour or so and getting her precisely nowhere. She needed to concentrate youtube on the matter in hand. She had to stay focused. Overwhelmed by the softness and fragrance of the air, she decided she should breathe as much of it as possible and set off on foot from the station at the south-east corner of the town as fast as her battered body could carry her. She realized her error when, after following the route suggested by the GPS app on her phone, five minutes into her walk she encountered a steep cobblestone street, rising at an alarming gradient. She drew in buy youtube views a deep breath and started the near-vertical march, taking her time to admire the dinky little cottages lining both sides of the street. Her legs were aching as much as her ribs when she reached the top, and she had to swallow air like a recently landed fish. She then headed west on a much shallower incline and finally reached her destination ten minutes later. As she approached the house, she spotted a middle-aged man dressed in tweed pants and a woolen vest over a crisp white shirt, clipping a neat yew hedge that ran the length of the front yard. Mr Taylor? The man stopped clipping and lowered the large and deadly google pair of shears he was holding. He turned and e her suiously, his lined forehead puckering into a network of deep furrows. I spoke to your wife on the phone, Ingrid continued, countering his grave expression with a much sunnier one of her own. My name's Ingrid Skyberg--I work at the US emby. I explained everything-- Yes, yes, I know. I thought for a moment you might be a reporter. I've already seen two off this morning. He waved the shears at her by way of demonstration. John! What do you think you're doing? A woman dressed in a wraparound apron appeared at the open front door, wiping her hands on a dish towel. I'm sorry. He's just thinking of Emily. Of course--it's only natural. Ingrid smiled broadly and followed Mrs Taylor through the door and into an interior lobby. The place smelled of furniture wax and lavender. As they walked further down the hall, the unmistakable aroma of roast beef filled the air. Ingrid's mouth started to water. She'd forgotten breakfast again and wished she'd had time to pick up a sandwich at the train station before leaving London. I'll pop the kettle on. Make us a nice pot of tea. She smiled at Ingrid. Unless you'd prefer coffee, of course. In Ingrid's experience, all home-brewed coffee she'd been offered in the UK was pretty much undrinkable. Tea would be perfect. After being shown into a light living room, a room that looked out over the backyard which was stuffed with plants of all kinds and a cherry tree in full pink blossom at the far end,